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Please feel free to contact me with any questions or problems you may have regarding my images. I strive to make all of my artwork clean and very easy to edit. If for some reason you are having issues with any of my images please contact me and I will solve the problem for you.


Dennis Crow

(crowvb at gmail dot com)

Chroma Apparel Inc 1-800-315-9411

Frequently asked questions:

Q – My download worked but when I open the file in Corel Draw the colors are not editable.

A-  You probably need a file in an older .eps format. Contact me and I will send you the appropriate file version.

Q- My file downloaded with a .html extension and is opening very strange.

A- This is a glitch with some versions of Safari that we haven’t been able to identify to fix. Simply change the .html to .eps or .jpg (depending on what you purchased) and the file should open correctly.

Q- I have sent you a message but not received a response.

A- I take pride in my customer service. I try to respond to every inquiry within a few hours. If you have not received a response within 24 hours there is a problem and I did not get your message. Please call the number above or send another e-mail.

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